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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Portrait of a Young Dog as an Asshole:  by Sarah B.

"Kenzo has been the most difficult dog i have ever had. his temperament is very headstrong and stubborn. he quite manipulate but, he is also the sweetest dog i have ever had. he has had a few severe health problems from a very young age, one of them required major surgery, so i think part of his destructiveness is due to the fact that i was at his side for most of a month straight while he recovered and developed a case of separation anxiety.
But, I will stop making excuses for him and just say......
My dogs are superspoiled.....have toys and treats is no match for Kenzo's assholeness......
the first picture (asshole dog) is a picture of destruction courtesy of Kenzo, at the age of about 8 months old. he ate one small stuffed animal, mangled a puppet (that white thing) and ate a small trash can.....also took the lid off of a bigger trashcan.
the second picture (assholeatethedeck) is just one side of the deck railing which Kenzo has eaten.
the third picture (assholeatemoose) is the entrails of a stuffed moose scattered up our stairs.
fourth picture (couchdestroy) he moved the full size, fold out bed containing couch about 5 feet and eviscerated it. he has also dragged blankets off of the other couch and ripped up a pizza box
fifth picture(atphonebookandstuff) he did exactly that, ate the phone book and other miscellaneous stuff.
sixth picture (assholeateplant) this started off as a 3 foot ficus tree, he stripped it of all of its leave over a couple of months. he eventually took the bare tree out of the pot and used it at a toy. as for the legless chair, he ate the legs a while back......i don.t know why we kept the seat part.
seventh picture (assholeatebirdmillet) kenzo was mad that it was not his turn for a walk and took a bag full of 12 giant pieces of millet and seeded the carpet. this took quite a while to clean up"

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